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Aug 5, 2012 5:00am EDT
. if anyone hasn't seen that, go to nbc >> or just skip it. don't worry about it. >> it was fabulous. it was well worth it a good belly laugh. it was awesome. >> you can check out the olympic coverage by going to nbc you can watch competitions live at this very hour and you'll find stats on your favorite athletes and get a preview of the day ahead. it's all on nbc so go there. >> yeah. we've got a chance now to see what the weather is looking like in london. let's find out what it's like here too. >> kim march tuch incompetent joins us from the weather center. >> good morning guys. our weather getting off to mostly clear skies. it's 80 degrees at this very early hour. 5:34 in the morning. you're up with us. we're happy to have you here. south winds at 10 miles an hour. the humidity at 76%. rounding out the numbers. in res ton, 77. manassas is 79. annapolis and warrenton in the 80s this morning along with college park and leaseburg. the burg waking up with 79 degrees. we'll be taking the 70s up to the north and west and nudging into
Aug 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
more information on our website, nbc >>> back to school for students in prince george's county. the first day came with the announcement of a new interim superintendent. dr. alvin crawley. parents have an opportunity to weigh in on who should be the permanent replacement. there is a moving forward forum tomorrow at bowie high school and another one on august 30th at northwestern high. both will be starting at 6:30 in the evening. >>> a cool and damp start for kids returning to school. >> how is the week go to go look? >> most of us dried out and others have seen more rain in the afternoon. that's what we're seeing there now. starting to make its way our way. as we look outside, look at the numbers. 80 degrees the current temperature out at the airport under partly to mostly cloudy skies. wind out of south at 10 miles per hour. temperatures around the region, much cooler than we have been most of the summer and much cooler than it's been the last few days. look at winchester, only 64. 67 in martinsburg. we've got that rain moving through. it is a line of showers and thu
Aug 6, 2012 12:00am EDT
updates throughout the night on nbc >>> now, to a news 4 exclusive. tonight, we have video of a laurel police officer hitting a man in handcuffs after an arrest early this morning. >> hey! >> a bystander shot this video outside the laurel station bar and grill. police responded to the restaurant for a reported fight. as they were taking the man away in handcuffs, the officer clearly hits him. they thought the officer's actions were excessive. >> i ain't trying to get in that man's business, i don't want no problem with either one of them, he was handcuffed and didn't deserve to get hit upside the head three times. >> the police chief was immediately notified. laurel police have opened an internal investigation to review the officer's actions. >>> let's turn to the weather. late night showers moving in. so what does that mean for the morning commute? here's chuck bell in storm center4. >> good evening, everybody. after a busy night of waiting for more rain drops to move in, they are in fact moving in. showers are primarily to the north of the city of washington. up towards 2
Aug 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. just be a strong swimmer and you have to be able to tread water. to find out more, go to nbc >> you have to be open to the idea of the underwater camera. be brave. >> you have to look good under water as well. >> hey, how's the weather? >> i saw a guy wearing a swim suit and not just the speedo. maybe we could do it. 88 degrees now. that's the current temperature. the heat index at 91. another humid day across the area. the humidity, the moisture in the atmosphere leading to storms. 91 in rockville. 88 in fort bell. here's what's going on around the region. we have just seen showers and storms develop over the past hour or so. they are starting to increase in intensity. we have a storm around manasis, around fairfax and another to the north and east of gathersburg. right around oaktown. here's 123 here. you are seeing it toward fox mill road. the heavier showers and fairly heavy downs along 66. give yourself time. another shower to the east. this one to the north and east of gathersburg around montgomery village. you can see heavier showers to the east. they will pulse up an
Aug 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to nbc look at our investigations page. we have tips for what you need to do when you buy a car. >> caveat emptor. >> buyer beware. >> thank you. doug has more about the weather forecast. rain in our future. >> storms continue to grow in intensity. nothing severe. we'll continue to watch them. take a look now. we have been dealing with clouds throughout the afternoon today. even with the cloud cover we still managed to reach a high temperature of 91 degrees. again, the 4 3rd day of 90 degrees or higher. 91 today. 77 the morning low. a warm start. look at this. we really need to see rain. 8.34 inches below average for rainfall for the year. once again, i think the rain chances will be on the increase. temperatures now 87 degrees under mostly cloudy if not completely cloudy skies. heat index at 91. a muggy, soupy atmosphere when you walk out there. 90 in frederick. 84 in culpepper. up to 81 in fredricksburg. they have been in the 70s with showers and cloud cover there. we have rain now. you can see these thunderstorms i'm talking about. in through northern virginia and weste
Aug 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
incredible. >> you got the stretching down. >> anyway, you can watch both stories at nbc then you can let us know maybe next week we can have, who did it the best? >> the balance beam and all of the girls were clapping. >> we'll leave you on that note, everyone, thanks for joining us. everyone, thanks for joining us. >> have a great i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn.
Aug 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
buffalo. and you'll hear from the starting qb. >>> plus, watch the game tonight at 7:00 on nbc washington nonstop. go to for a complete listing of where to find the game. >>> now breaking news in arlington right now. a man tries to stop someone from stealing his car, and he ends up stabbed. >> news 4's richard jordan is at the scene with the latest. richard? >> reporter: doreen and jim, this is the latest in a recent uptick of violent crime out here in arlington county. that's why the police chief was here just a few minutes ago. he wanted to address some concerns. he says this all actually started just about a block up the street from here where a man was sitting in his office. he looked out the window. he sees someone trying to break into his car so he goes out there. he confronts the carjacker. the two of them get into a fight and it spills over into a situation out here in front of this drive-through. that's where the stabbing happened. police were out here collecting quite a bit of evidence. this is the 3300 block of wilson boulevard. a screw driver was picked up, b
Aug 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
can go to our website at, or you can mail us a check and we'll buy those backpacks and here is where you send it. backpacks for kids. nbc 4 4001 nebraska avenue northwest, washington, d.c., 20016. thank you, again, for your outstanding work. >> thanks. we're going to talk more about hurricane isaac now. are you expecting it to get any sdrau stronger? >> it could get a wee bit stronger, but that's not the part of the storm system. the rainfall has come in around and you saw doug camerror earlier. look at the rainfall totals already today as some of the early bands making their way north on through areas of southern louisiana. new orleans over a quarter inch of rain and coming over quite quickly, too. and you have areas like cocodrie and north vacherie and over three, close to four inches of rain already. that's what we're going to be seeing with this storm system. for the most part, ranging 6 to 18 inches and some locations, for sure, that see more than that. perhaps upwards 20 inches of rain by the time the storm system makes its way north past louis
Aug 19, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >> stay up to date on all of the latest political developments go to first read @nbc does >>> a rising death toll in afghanistan. ied attack. growing concern in washington on how to stop the rise of insider attacks. afghan forces attacking american troops trying to train them. hamid karzcakarzai is being cal to better vet police recruits. >>> and new video from syrian state tv. assad attended prayer in a damascus mosque, marking the start of a muslim holiday. his first appearance in over a month. eamon mohyeldin, what is the latest? >> president assad appeared at morning prayers. he was flanked by members of his regime. one person absent and triggered a lot of speculation as to where he could be is the voice president. this individual is to some extent respected by many. he has not been heard from or seen of in the last several weeks. the fsa has claimed he has defected. we have not heard any claims from him personally or from others that suggest he has left the country. the syrian government insists he is still present in syria, still in his role, but the fact that he wa
Aug 8, 2012 3:00am PDT
. welcome back to "morning joe" here in washington. and joining us now, nbc news chief, white house correspondent political director and host of "the daily rundown," chuck todd. hi, chuck. and former press secretary to speaker gingrich, rich ghalen. >> so chuck, we've been talking a good bit this morning about the veep pick, but also about this ad that priorities usa put out, bill burton's group, obviously, about as close to robert and the white house as you could be, basically accusing mitt romney of killing a man's wife. and says he doesn't even care about it. but where does this ad fit in? because mark halperin's saying it hasn't run anywhere yet. >> that's the other thing, a lot of the priorities ads, some of them have -- they've put some money behind some of these ads, but a lot of times they'll put out stuff that never goes on. so i think we have to wait a few days to see if we actually see this air. but, you know, why is this -- every -- you know, it's funny, you watch it and see the partisans really go crazy on twitter, but the outrage on the left over this ad, and the outra
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)